Advisory Services

We offer advisory services in a range of areas. Advisory services are not as formally structured as Solutions, which are highly structured set pieces driven by frameworks. Solutions provide output that is a reference to be used by parts of the business in achieving key objectives.

The Advisory Service provides advice that is the result of discussion and questioning with a small number of participants. This can be as informal as discussion over coffee with a free flowing agenda or a more formal workshop or structured set of discussions. Output from Advisory sessions can be taken as notes by the participants or documented in more formal notes that provide a reference to the conversation. You may decide after an Advisory session that you want a more formal Solution process to deal with the issue your business faces.

Some of the areas where we have provided Advisory Services are in the bullet points below;

  • Strategy

    If you want to discuss or workshop either business or marketing strategy we can provide you with the knowledge and structure to enable a productive outcome.

  • Commercial Advice

    Do you want to have a discussion on any aspect of the business that is bothering you? We can provide both a sounding board and advise on the commercial aspects of your business.

  • Executive Coaching

    Are you looking for coaching for yourself or members of your team? We can provide structured or informal sessions to help improve capabilities in your business.

  • Innovation

    Is your business working to improve it’s innovation process? We can provide a sounding board and support to help you get the process you want in place.

  • Marketing

    Does your marketing team need support in developing a deeper understanding of their customers and markets? We can provide the support you need.

  • Process Improvement

    Are you looking to improve your business processes? We can provide advice on how to approach the task and frameworks to use when you start your process engineering.

  • Logistics

    If you want to improve your businesses Logistics, we can be a sounding board and provide advice on how to best proceed.

  • Distribution and Channel Management

    Does your business need to improve it’s management of your channels to market? We can provide sound advice on how to get the best out of your Distribution Channels.

If you want to discuss how our Advisory Service could work for you and your business, click on the Contact Us link below for our contact information. If you are unsure whether our Solutions or Advisory Service will work for you, we are happy to have an initial no cost discussion. This will enable you to get a better understanding of the processes and how they would work for you and your business.

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