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The journey of the development of the Competitive Insights website started late last year from some conversations with friends about the business and how to take it forward.

Progress was assisted by an article on the back page of the Financial Review about some ex Bain & Company associates starting their business and the process they went through to get it to market. I have to say that the article glossed over some of the more difficult aspects of the process but did give some very helpful tips.

You can certainly get a huge range of things, digital or physical, on the internet. The fundamental changes that are happening to business and society from the ability to surf the net are nothing short of amazing. I’m not just talking about online commerce for physical goods. You can put design jobs and coding jobs up for tender. Have people in different countries bid on your job and have the job delivered without ever meeting them….though they do tend to send email.

All in all the process has been a huge education. Not to mention being a lot of work and taking a fair bit of time. None the less we have arrived, albeit still with lots of work to do.

This website would not have been possible without the advice from a number of my friends who have unstintingly answered my questions and provided help and information on how to go forward. To all of you a deeply felt and BIG… THANKS! It wouldn’t have been possible without you.

There will be more blog posts to follow, depending on time and degree of busyness. The posts will cover a range of topics that will hopefully be of interest to those who come to visit the site.

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